It's always fun to watch TV and see your hometown get a shout out. And with 54 years under its belt, America's favorite brain game, Jeopardy! has gone to Ocean County plenty of times over the years.

Before I get to the list, I do have to give this disclaimer - I am not including the times that we've only gotten on the show because of MTV. It's actually a little embarrassing.

That being said, here are 5 times that Ocean County has gotten some Jeopardy! love:



  • Seaside Heights

    January 24th 1997

    A Sept. festival in Seaside Heights, New Jersey features hundreds of these silly circus performers.


    ("What are Clowns")

    Everyone knows Clownfest!

  • Toms River

    January 29th, 1999

    In 1998 the Yankees won the big league; Toms River East, N.J. the Little League; & USC the college version of this


    ("What is the World Series")

    I mean, come on, we do have a road named "Little League World Champions Boulevard" after all!

  • Point Pleasant

    May 18th, 2005

    Cape May is a resort town in this state, down the shore from Point Pleasant


    ("What is New Jersey")

    Well, duh.

  • Barnegat Bay

    July 11th, 2012

    Bays along the coast of this state include Great Egg Harbor, Barnegat & Sandy Hook


    ("What is New Jersey")

    Again, duh.

  • Bay Head

    July 24th, 2013

    Bay Head on its famous "shore" was ravaged by Superstorm Sandy


    ("What is New Jersey")

    I'm starting to sense a theme here.