Take a look at the price of an Iphone, Big Mac and a Car Overseas!

  • Would you pay $9.83 for latte?  Well, according to Buzzfeed.com, that's how much it costs at Starbucks in Oslo, Norway, which is the highest in the world.
  • Venezuela has the most expensive Big Macs, at $9.08.  In Hong Kong, you can get one for $2.19.  But Hong Kong more than makes up for it with gas, which costs $8.59 a gallon.
  • In Tokyo, one movie ticket runs you about $18.  The cheapest is in South Africa, where they cost around $5.
  • The Apple Iphone ... In the U.S., it's $649 without renewing your contract.  The most expensive place to buy one is Russia, where it costs $3,755.
  • Automobiles .... If you buy a new one in Singapore, you can expect to spend a small fortune.  For example, a brand new Volkswagen Golf costs a little over $110,000.  In the U.S., you're more likely to see a sticker price of around $23,000.

So maybe these little financial facts will make your day a little brighter :)   Of the items listed which could you not live without ? I'd have to vote for my Iphone