Don't get me wrong on the title of this article, the 4th of July is obviously an important American holiday. But could it be any more inconvenient than on a Wednesday?

When it comes to official holidays, we always know that Thanksgiving is going to be on a Thursday. When a holiday falls on a weekend, we usually get either Friday or Monday off, but then there are the holidays that change every year. Even with Christmas many employers either give two days for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (or we just use time off to take the extra day).

But then we have that awkward one day holiday falling in the middle of the week. How often does that happen?

Well, I can tell you...

According to the "100 Year Perpetual Calendar", the last time the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday was 2007, and it'll happen again in 2018.

So thankfully we only have to deal with it every couple of years.

How are you handling the mid-week holiday next week? Are you taking extra days off to make a long weekend out of it or are you just going to take the mid-week break? Leave a comment below and let us know!