Today is the 43rd anniversary of what remains my worst day as a sports fan and the best day in the history of the New York Jets. It was on this date in 1969 when the Jets stunned the heavily-favored Baltimore Colts to win Super Bowl III in Miami.

At that time I was a diehard Colts fan so the loss really hurt but what made it even worse was I lost dozens of small bets to fellow students and even teachers. I was three weeks away from my 13th birthday and 8th grader at Central Regional and I made well over $100 in bets and of course had no money to pay them back the day after the game. It took me quite a while and I believe the teachers who beat me for a few bucks all let me off the hook. However the memories and nightmares have not gone away as Joe Namath led the Jets to an impossible victory and every January 12th I think of that day and get a knot in my stomach.

Many of you who were fans of the TV show “24” have been anxiously awaiting an update on a movie that was supposed to be made about the former Fox series. Well word has come from Jack Bauer himself as actor Kiefer Sutherland said filming for the 24 movie will begin in April or May. Sutherland by the way has a new series Touch which will air on Fox later this winter. He plays the father of a brainiac son who can predict the future and do other weird stuff.


The high school basketball season is in full swing and a couple of quick observations.



Jackson Memorial is undefeated and the reigning WOBM Christmas Classic champions and along with Lakewood the class of Ocean County. Jackson should roll to the Class A South title but don’t count out improving Southern. The Jaguars being good is not a surprise but across town Jackson Liberty has surprised most people with a 6-2 start that includes a win over Lakewood. The Lions though might not have enough to battle the Piners and Point Boro in Class C Central. Who would have expected Lacey to be 7-1 but Ryan O’Rourke has the Lions playing good defense just about every night and the Class B South race will come down to them and Barnegat. Speaking of playing hard, I have been impressed with the play of Toms River South. Despite the absence of any big men the Indians play hard and have twice taken Jackson down to the wire. Point Beach should be in the mix in Class B Central all winter along with Asbury Park & St. Rose.