There are 23 new members of the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office after recruits graduated from the 33rd Basic Course for County Corrections Officers on Tuesday this week.

Following 12-weeks of an "intense" curriculum these recruits are now prepared to head out into new careers as corrections professionals.

“It takes dedication, courage and compassion to have a career in law enforcement,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden in a statement. “As these corrections officers join the ranks of professional men and women, those values will guide them in safeguarding lives and property and preserving peace in a correctional environment.”

Over the duration of the training, the recruits participated in physical training, drills, and learned how to properly use firearms, batons, handcuffing techniques and mechanical restraints as well as unarmed self-defense and emergency medical response.

Inside the classroom they learned and discussed such topics as law enforcement, stress management, contraband and evidence processing, characteristics of inmates and drug interdiction and identification.

Eight of the 23 recruits will serve at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution, seven will serve at the Middlesex County Department of Corrections, five at the Ocean County Department of Corrections, and three at the Union County Department of Corrections.

Here is a full list of all the recruits who graduated the 33rd Basic Course for County Corrections Officers Tuesday and where they're going:

  • Joseph Bartlinski, Middlesex
  • Jonathan Chando, Middlesex
  • Carlene Connell, Ocean
  • John Covone, Ocean
  • Brian Feirstein, Monmouth
  • Justin Gold, Monmouth
  • Michael Goldberg, Union
  • Romus Habyk, Middlesex
  • Christopher Haines, Monmouth
  • Michael Hogan, Monmouth
  • Christopher Leonardis, Ocean
  • Rene Marte, Middlesex
  • Kevin Martin, Middlesex
  • Pablo Martinez, Ocean
  • James O'Malley, Ocean
  • Peter Piccininni, Monmouth
  • Christian Posso, Union
  • Jonathan Robertson, Monmouth
  • Islam Saad, Middlesex
  • Paul Sneddon, Monmouth
  • Jonathan Suarez, Union
  • Harrison Tejada, Middlesex
  • William Tevlin, Monmouth

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