As I'm sitting here writing this on Tuesday, March 20th, the first day of spring 2018, it's doing, well, a little bit of everything outside at the moment.

On top of that we're not expecting things to get better from here, as the second day of spring (the first full day of the season) looks to dump a good bit of snow on the Garden State on Wednesday.

So I say let's forget about the snow for a few minutes and look ahead to summer!

We can at least look at a few positive things - winter is officially over, spring has indeed begun, and with the way that the weeks and months have been moving along, beach season will be here before we know it!

Memorial Day is on the late side this year, rolling around on May 28th (the earliest that it can be is May 25th), but we all know that it really starts when the whistle blows on the Friday before and everyone heads out of work and down the Shore.

So here is your official countdown to the start of Memorial Day Weekend 2018 - Friday, May 25th at 5pm:


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