If the water flowing from your tap in Toms River, South Toms River, or the Holiday City and Silver Ridge Park enclaves in Berkeley Township slows to a dribble at times - or if the color's off - that's United Water at work for the next nine weeks.

United Water Toms River Tower (United Water Toms River)

The company's spring hydrant-flushing program begins Monday, clearing the mains of mineral buildups. It's scheduled to continue through May 31.

Work takes place between 8:30 AM and 8 PM Monday through Thursday, and 8:30 AM until 12 Noon Fridays. No weekends are on the schedule.

Operations Director Jim Mastrokalos says routine maintenance keeps the quality at optimum levels."Flushing hydrants helps to maintain the integrity of the distribution system by keeping the water lines clean.  It is also necessary for fire protection because flushing ensures that the hydrants are working properly.”

Mastrakalos says that water pressure may drop during flush hours, or discoloration might be noticeable. Nevertheless, he says, it's safe to drink and harmless to laundry. But if that's outside your comfort zone, he adds, let it run a few minutes until it's clear.

United Water Toms River keeps street-by-street info on its website. Reach it here. Or call 877-565-1456.